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Why do we cherish some items over others? And in a world where many have plenty, what singular possession holds real value for someone? If this item were lost would the person grieve – after all it was just a thing, right?


These are some of the questions that inspired this work.

To me, the relationship we have to our belongings is fascinating and uniquely human. We surround ourselves with so much stuff and yet when asked, some people have a favourite item that they would save above all others.


Through Treasure I’ve discovered that these items are often valued because they are a link to a loved one or the past – a connecting thread that recreates memories. And for others the possession they chose is integral to helping them craft their life. Either way, what is just a thing, becomes someone's Treasure.

I hope you enjoy exploring people’s stories as much as I have unearthing them.

The inspiration behind Treasure

The Exhibition

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