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Crafting A Life

Gary Forde's Swivelling Scissors
What is your item? My hairdressing scissors. They are not like a regular pair of scissors. You hold them differently - we use our ring finger and hold the scissors steady and move our thumb, which swivels. So before you start cutting hair, you need to learn how to hold your scissors. You can spend thousands on them. These are only about 400-500 pounds, but they are a style I really like so they are important to me.
Why is this item important to you? Hairdressing has been my bread and butter for over 30 years now and got me out of some sticky situations. I served time briefly and I cut my way through that experience. Having a use was really helpful in prison, as it kept me on people’s good side.
You know, when I was young growing up in Ireland, it wasn’t the done thing to become a hairdresser. I used to play with my sisters’ dolls and cut all their hair off and then hide them so my parents wouldn’t find them. In fact, Mum found a hairless dolls head behind the boiler recently! I may not have become a hairdresser though were it not for my Grandmother. She was very glamorous with red hair that she wore in a Beehive and she used to take me to the hairdressers. I remember seeing a guy do her hair sometimes and I think that influenced me. I’m really lucky though because at the beginning hairdressing was just a hobby, I never thought it would become my career.
If I did lose these scissors, they would be the first thing I would go and buy again, as they are the way I make my life.
When you hold this item what do you feel? They are such a part of me, like an extension of my hand. They just feel like my every day. I suppose I feel in control when I hold them, because I know what I’m doing with them. 

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