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  • Simona De Michelis

Life-enhancing benefits of friendship!

Did you know that good friendships can prolong your life? A ten year study conducted by the Centre of Ageing at Flinders University, found that people aged over 70 with an extensive network of friends lived 22% longer*. That’s 15 years longer!…quite a chunk of time. Definitely something to aspire to.

Friendship, and what it means, has been on my mind after spending the day at #UnitingFriends – a wonderful charity lead by Russell Lerner, that brings adults with learning disability together to learn and most importantly to form friendships.

You’ll see from the photos that Russell and the team have created a unique place for their users. People of all ages can come together to dance, create art, cook, chat and even garden.

In fact, I left the day thinking that friendships are a bit like gardens – they need tending, weeding, feeding and just hanging out in too. Because like most things that are familiar to us it is easy to take good friends for granted. So how can you spoil your friends and spend quality time with them too?

By having a ‘Day in the Life’ photoshoot of course! We get a lot of feedback about how much people enjoy having a photoshoot with us. It’s a happy side effect that most people don’t expect. So seize the day and book a session with us and if you mention this blog we’ll give you 50% off the session price. Also, even though we are Brighton based we are more than happy to travel.

People often think of family photography as capturing parents with children, however to us family is a broad term and includes those that you love. That certainly means friends in our books. And ‘Day in the Life’ sessions are perfect for friends as they capture real connections between people, making them truly timeless. Something to treasure when you are 70 and reminiscing with your besties.

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