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  • Simona De Michelis

The magic of storytime

Little people climbing upstairs eager for storytime.

Choosing their story, clambering up onto laps, eager to hear what happens to their favourite character. The magic of storytime.

Thankfully for most of us, this magic doesn’t stop in adulthood. Films, books, blogs, plays, theatre – they all transport us to far flung places and to a greater understanding of each other.

And yet as with so many Day In Your Life moments, storytime is often taken for granted and not recorded. Fast forward a few years and your children are too big to sit on your lap and prefer the company of their peers to predictable old Mum and Dad.

Don’t let the magic of Storytime fade– capture it with whatever means you have. Better still, print off your favourite photograph and frame it. One day your grandchild will hold that photograph and marvel that their mum/dad was ever that small and cute.




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