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  • Simona De Michelis

Want to connect with your customer? Use Day In Your Life Photography.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Authentic. Unique. Valuable. If your business has core values that reflect these ideals then using Day In Your Life photography will instantly say this to your customers. Nothing quite captures the real moments between people as this style of documentary photography. Why is viewing authenticity so powerful? Because it drives connection. And as humans that is what we want. Whether we are buying a product or service we want to feel that we count and that what we buy will hold value for us.

Day In Your Life at work

In a world of mass production and commodity using authentic imagery to promote your business is a simple way of separating yourself from the pack. But how does showing authenticity fuel connection?

Let’s think of the opposite for a moment. Those gorgeous stock images. The ones where everyone is so beautiful and perfectly groomed, the lighting is amazing (as a photographer I can be lost for hours trying to unpick how they set-up the shot) and the products are so perfectly placed.

‘Perfect’ is indeed the world they show. Not a stray hair in sight, nor wrinkle! They are designed to inspire desire – “Oh I want to look like that and be like that”. For me personally they do the opposite – they leave me feeling empty and deflated. I can’t relate to the ‘perfectness’ it’s just surreal.

Relate. That’s the key and the answer to ‘how does authenticity fuel connection?’.

Real moments between people in real environments are relatable. And that opens the viewer up for connection to you and your brand. They are beautiful too. Nothing says beauty like a genuine unprompted smile. They are also desirable. Because they so often show the customer as being valued and listened to. Who doesn’t want that in today's distracted world.

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