Business Photography Pricing

I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village.

Gina Bellman

To be able to connect with people in a business world where commodity and mass production are the norm puts you miles ahead of the pack. Day In Your Life photography creates connection because the images captured are authentic. And authenticity is your superpower. It allows people to see what you can offer beyond a product. By capturing the unguarded you, Day In Your Life photography naturally says to people “This is who I uniquely am and what I can offer you”.

One of the reasons the imagery from a Day In Your Life shoot is so authentic is because the pressure of time has disappeared. This means you forget Simona is there and instead of focusing on performing for the camera you just get on with your day. That’s when the magic happens.


Simona can re-create this magic formula on shorter shoots too as she has a knack for making people feel at ease. Being part chameleon she blends into the background when needed, which means she can capture those unguarded moments. 

To discuss your photography needs, or anything photography related, please call Simona on 07958 776767 or email her .