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Home Photography Pricing

"Our photography book is a beautiful time capsule to treasure and pass onto our children when they're older.

Justyna Pokorska

We capture your everyday because we believe the ordinary moments you experience are the very fabric of life. Often taken for granted and quickly forgotten we craft these fleeting seconds into artwork for you, creating timeless pieces that tell your story.
There are two distinct parts to creating your artwork. The first is capturing your story through a photography session. The second is selecting and purchasing your images.

At Home Photography Sessions

Each session includes a briefing with Simona before the shoot, the photography itself, preparation of the images ready for your selection session, and a print of your favourite image. 

From Breakfast to Bedtime £350

This covers an entire day and provides an incredible opportunity to tell your story. It’s also where the pressure of time disappears which means you no longer perform for the camera you just get on with your day. That’s when the magic happens.

Morning, Afternoon or Evening £250

Lasting around 4 or 5 hours, this is perfect for capturing a special event. The style used is still Day In Your Life as Simona has a way of setting people at ease so you'll soon forget she is there.
Short & Sweet £175
These sessions capture relaxed and more directed family portraits either at home or at a favourite location, over a period of a couple of hours.

Selecting & Purchasing

People are often surprised by how much they enjoy selecting their images and deciding how to print them. This maybe in part because we have become dab hands at whittling down a collection of images to the ‘keepers’ and so can guide you through the process which makes it a lot less daunting. It's also because having spent many hours working on your images we can suggest which ones work well together or as stand-alone pieces. This takes the stress out of your decision making. We also have a wealth of knowledge to share about printing and a beautiful range of products for you to choose from.

Print Prices start from £40 and no minimum spend is required.

Download our latest Print & Product Price List.

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