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Premiering at the Brighton Fringe in May 2021, Treasure reveals the surprising and often touching stories that people have about the one thing they would hate to lose.
Featuring Fat Boy Slim, Elly Griffiths, Momma Cherri, Peter Kyle, Hannah Brackenbury and other locals, each person’s choice reveals something you didn't know about them. Their stories will stay with you long after the event. See below for a preview.
Available as a virtual event throughout the Festival from 28th May to 27th June 2021.
Booking required and 50% of all proceeds go
to charity.
If you had a house fire what single item would you save?
....he barely saw my Dad but he came to visit Dad when he was dying. And he bought him this – like a big brother to a little brother, it was to be a little warrior and a fighter for my Dad.... read more

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