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Six String Friend

Hannah Brackenbury's Guitar
What is your item? My guitar which I have owned for the last 12 years. It's my first professional guitar. Before that, I learnt to play on my dad's old classical guitar, which was a cheap kind of starter instrument. After that I had a £90 acoustic that was bright blue and beautiful, but quality wise it was terrible!
This guitar entered my life when I was working full time as a photographer in Derby for a local newspaper. I had fantastic colleagues that had become close friends. They knew that my dream was to be a musical comedy performer, and that I was moving to Brighton to make this happen. I was saving every penny I could as I didn’t have a job lined-up and was planning to set-up as a freelance photographer to make ends meet. They also knew that I desperately wanted a new guitar and so as a leaving gift they presented me with a cheque for £250 to go and buy my first ‘proper’ guitar.
I already had my eye on this one as I’d seen it online so went to a shop in Nottingham to have a play on it. I fell in love with it straight away and it has been my travel buddy for the last decade on this crazy adventure to become a performer.
Why is this item important to you? It is a part of my history. Pretty much every comedy song I've written that has been guitar based has been on this one. It’s been in all my music videos too and it’s done a lot of busking with me. You can tell that it’s had an eventful life – here are the marks where I’ve taped my set list to it and it’s got various dents and scratches. In fact, for an item that I love so much I haven’t treated it that well, but I guess wear and tear like that is part of being a full time working instrument.
Speaking of wear and tear I will soon be retiring it as I am getting a new guitar for my up-and-coming Victorious Tour. I wouldn't dream of getting rid of this one though. I can't imagine being without it and I'll still use it for busking and for fun gigs.
When you hold this item what do you feel? That it’s part of me. Because I’ve used this guitar so much, I can literally play it with my eyes closed – I know it inside out. It also acts as a comfort blanket on stage. When I first started out and wasn’t as confident, having the guitar to hold onto was like a bit of protection from the audience.
I'd be heartbroken if I lost this guitar. It’s been on this great adventure with me and like a good friend stuck by my side the whole time. So, I guess if it were destroyed, I’d feel like I’d lost a friend.

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