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Ten Year Journey

Momma Cherri's Passport
What is your item? My old passport. This is my only proof that I am a permanent resident of the UK as it is stamped with “Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom”.  Every time I travel I need two passports, my current one and this one too. Even though I am married to an Englishman, that alone doesn’t give me the right to remain in the country. So, if I didn’t have this old passport it would be complicated for me to prove that I have permanent residency here.
I’ve lived in the UK for 40 years now. This is where my family is and so this is where my home is now.
Why is this item important to you? As well as being an important piece of paper in an official sense, I love this old passport because it has all the stamps of where I’ve been. To me its like a story I can read and reminisce about all the places that I have visited or lived in. For example, I spent a lot of time in Skiathos, Greece as I had a restaurant there with my friend Amanda.
And, to be honest, I love the picture in this old passport. I think I look foxy in it! That was taken in 1997.
When you hold this item what do you feel? Joy! That I can be let back into the country. This is where my family is now, so it’s where I belong. I would be gutted if I ever lost this passport. Not just because of the stress that would cause me and my family, but also because this passport is a reminder of my journey. Where I’ve been, how I felt, what I did, how I looked - it’s like a year book only a 10 year old one.

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