Vikings and Brotherly Love

Georgina Thomason's Pewter Viking
When you hold this item what do you feel?
A sense of solidity and warmth. 
If you didn’t have the item in your life, say it got destroyed in the imaginary house fire, how would you feel?
I’d feel quite bereft. But he’s the second in line. Because the first one did go missing…
What’s its story?
He came from Norway from Uncle Peter (my Dad’s brother), who was the mysterious travelling Uncle who we only ever saw at Christmas and was quite magical. He barely saw my Dad but he came to visit Dad when he was dying.
When Dad died Mum said I could have him cause she knew I really liked him. I had him for years, all through University and after, then during all the housesitting I did I lost him.
And he bought Dad this – like a big brother to a little brother. It was to be a little warrior and a fighter for my Dad.
So I got this version of him when Mum went to Stavanger to meet with Uncle Peter and Irene, his wife. I found a picture that I’d taken of him which Mum used to find him.
He is identical to the first Viking I had, which means they’ve been selling this particular model and make for at least 20 years. And they also sell the female version, which I bought when I went to Stavanger earlier this year.
Why is the item important to you?
Because I love him! And because he reminds me of my Dad. 

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